The Young’s Brewery has been a familiar local landmark for both Wandsworth residents and visitors for over 150 years. Opened in 1831, the site has contributed much to the borough’s social and historic fabric.

In 1831, Charles Allen Young and his partner Anthony Fothergill Bainbridge bought the Brewery site. The new partnership suffered a serious setback in 1832 when a disastrous fire destroyed most of the brewhouse, but it was quickly rebuilt and in 1835 a new beam engine was erected inside the brewery. It is thought to be the oldest beam engine of its kind in the world still in working condition and in its original location. It and its sister engine built in 1867, provided steam power in the brewery right up until 1976.

Copper vats in the existing brewery

The Brewery was the oldest British brewery in continuous operation. At its closure in 2006, the brewery was a mix of ancient and ultra-modern plant, horses and drays were still used for local deliveries of beer within a mile or two of the brewery. The Brewery officially closed on 25th September 2006 but the heritage of the site remains central to our proposals.

All key heritage buildings will be retained and renovated to form the signature elements of the scheme. This includes:

  • Retention of the stable block, creating a new public space within a modern architectural setting
  • A microbrewery within one of the listed buildings
  • A high quality public open space with market stalls and an events area
  • A brewing museum which will incorporate the Beam Engine and the Coppers
  • Reuse of listed buildings for commercial use, including a selection of high quality restaurants, boutique shops, cafes and bars

Stable Block

Keeping the taps open

An early decision has been to create a new home for John Hatch, a former Young’s employee and the site manager for many years, from which he will continue to run a small brewing operation in order that the site maintains its status as the country’s longest running brewery.

To see a 1000 Londoners' video with John Hatch on the continued brewing tradition click here.

Existing Brewery

The Ram Brewery

John has moved to the Stable Block from where he is continuing to brew a few firkins a month.